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2-3cm size preserved rose

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Preserved rose is made by natural fresh flower, it could last 3-5 years indoor by cell replacement technique. The rose keep real touching feelings and vivid colors.

Preserved rose for valentine's day, wedding,anniversary, birthday, people use these eternal roses to make meaningful gifts.

More than 50 colors and 7 different sizes of rose for your choice. We provide customizition service too.
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Material: Real natural rose flower
Size: 2-3cm size, 21 rose buds/box.
Color: Please refer to color chart.
Shipment: EMS, Fedex, DHL.
Lasting time: Usually 3-5 years.

rose 8

2-3cm size preserved ros.

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Ring rose box.

Pursue eternal life or everlasting love

These preserved flowers hold our best wishes and help us send forever love to the person we loved, and let them know how much we love them as long as we could, and more than we have.


Our Preserved Roses come from nature. After being through some advanced and unique high technology, they could maintain their original appearance and their rich color for more than three years. They are also pollen-free. 

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preservedrose5How to take care of my Living Roses?

It would be better to keep these adorable flowers far away from water, wind and direct sunshine.

They love to live at the temperature over 4 below 30 degree without humid and knead.

When it turns a little dusty, you could gently fondling dust by a hair dryer, a blower or a feather brush. 

Living Roses are delicate babies, they will be happy with a living color and smell friendly with an extended life for around three to five years if you treat them gently and carefully.

You could slightly apply few drops of some essential oil around the box if you prefer some fragrance.

Please select rose color from the picture below:


All About Preserved Flowers




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