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Preserevd Moss Panel-Yellow Green

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Preserved moss is a environmentally friendly and natural product, It can last 2-3 years if you treat them properly。
It can be wall decoration or moss art, displayed in the high-end hotel, restaurants, gyms,residential apartments and other interior occasions .

30*30 cm( 11.8*11.8 inch) or 50*50cm (19.7*19.7 inch)
Material of panel
Cork board. You can stick it on the wall directly.
Color: 20 colors options, Accept customization.
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  • 30*30cm
  • Funcy

Name  Sample Preserevd moss panel 
Size 30*30cm=11.8*11.8inch, 50*50cm=19.7*19.7inch.  1pcs/box
Color Reference color chart
Delivery  EMS, Fedex, DHL.  You can arrange shipping by yourself. 


moss panel (6)

Preserved moss panel 


30*30 cm( 11.8*11.8 inch)   or 50*50cm (19.7*19.7 inch)

Material of panel

Cork board, you can stick it on the wall directly. 


20 colors options, Accept customized.

reindeer moss                         Moss Wall & Moss Art 


Wall decoration,  Moss Painting, Moss Frame. 

Displayed in the high-end hotel, restaurants, gyms,residential apartments and other interior occasions .  


Single color or mix color or other customized image.


Preserved moss

Presently, Furry preserved moss becomes very popular in decoration market. Nature green plants make people feel peace and calm, which will be alike walk in forest or jungle.

As we know, Growing moss required professional plantings skills, which also have to be patient and take times to look after them. Even so, nature fresh moss is difficult to survival. But preserved moss is more easy to be look after, and last longer time.

Preserved moss is growing wild in the dark forest of China, they are rare and real natural plants, not artificial or plastic materials. 


Nature moss will go through with series of complicated processes to become preserved moss, such as drying, dyeing, dehydration, decolonization, etc. 

Our product is treated to remain fluffy, soft, exclusive, pliable, light and easy to work with. You will be free to design or create your own idea. 

Every production is chosen wisely and quality strictly controlled, so that our products can come to perfection and high quality.


If you living city, You still would like to bring a piece of Green and Nature element in your daily life. Preserved moss will be your best choice, whatever for indoor house or special anniversary day decoration . 

It is nature, 100% be harvested by hands from the forest. These moss could be rich in colour after processed. 



We have so many color to choose, Before place order, we will send real life photos to confirm the color with you. 

reindeer moss

stabilized moss

We can do single color or mix color, please contact us if you want customized your own color. 

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