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Preserved Rose in S Size Glass

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We choose the best quality rose and cut it. Using advanced preservation skills to keep the most beautiful moment of rose and make this beauty and the beast roses.

In the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" has an eternal roses to express the forever love of human being. Rose in glass is taking this idea to bring you the eternal emotions

There are different sizes and over 50 colors to choose. Or you can also customized your own roses.
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Name Rose in Glass 
Size 12*20 cm glass dome,7-8 cm rose head
Color See color chart
Packing Gift box or foam 
EMS,FedEx or DHL
preservedroses 01

Preserved rose in glass doom.

Our Preserved Roses come from nature. After being through some advanced and unique high technology, they could maintain their original appearance and their rich color for more than three years. They are also pollen-free.

The whole design idea of this product comes from fairy tale Little Prince and Beauty &Beast.

You are my rose. You are my love. You are the special one. Because she is your rose. The one only belong to you. Elegant rose express your unique loveness.

preservedroses 14

Glass doom with bright, brilliance, and transparency, which will well protect 

your love your rose.

You can enjoy the graceful rose directly with unobstructed. A charming rose 

sit waiting for love, waiting for someone break the curse.

preservedroses 09

preservedroses 07

preserved rose 8


There are more than 50 single colors to choose. Also have gradation colors to choose.


We can do customized logo ribbon on the gift box and on the glass. Or you can have metal logo sticker.

Also can accept the customized design.

logo sticker

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