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  • Does Funcy brand preserved rose needs water?

    No, your Funcy brand preserved rose do not need water or humidity to keeps shiny and beautiful. Avoid environment with humidity excess.
  • Which payment way does Funcyflora accept?

    We accept payment as follow: BANK TRANSFER, WESTERN UNION, PAYPAL, CREDITCARD.
  • How does funcyflora ship the order?

    For small order, we usually send by express like EMS, DHL and FEDEX. For bulk order, we can arrange the shipment of sea and air.
  • How to order the preserved flowers and plants?

    Please contact us to confirm your order list first, then we will check the shipping fee and tell you.
  • I have Hay fever (Pollen Allergy), is my Funcy preserved rose going to cause me symptoms?

    No, due to our rose has been preserved, pollen is not anymore part of the rose.
  • My Funcy preserved rose has become brittle, why this happened?

    This happens when the rose has been exposed to a dry environment, dry environments are caused by heaters or other heat radiation systems. Hot and dry wind dehydrates the preserved rose.
  • How long does my Funcy preserved rose will last?

    If you follow the instructions described in the question/answer list above, your rose will last up to 3 years.
  • When i touch my Funcy preserved rose, the color remains in my finger tips... is this normal?

    Yes, this may happen but no worries, dyes used are safe and non toxic, wash your hands properly and the dye will go away.

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